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JEANNIE ALLEN is Earthgirl, whose music grows from sounds and feelings on our planet, plus some imagined ones. A lone car driving by late at night, far away thunder, the tapping of rain, and the swirls of falling stars. Jeannie has performed at the City Skies 08 Electronic Music Festival in Atlanta,GA, the electro-music 2008 Festival in Kingsport, TN, and this is her first visit to Different Skies. Jeannie has been inspired by new music created every day and by the musical roots of Vince Clarke, Yaz, Erasure, Tangerine Dream, Stereolab, Portishead, Moby, Brian Eno, ELO, Lou Reed, Syd Barrett, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, The Police, and Mozart, to name a few. Earthgirl music combines ambient, experimental and found sounds to create sonic soundscapes, that have attracted the the attention of fans, musicians, and record labels around the globe. When the debut album "Vibrations in Space" is released in 2008, all profits will go for global warming relief in developing countries.

DARRELL BURGAN , an electronic/ambient artist better known for music projects Palancar, Copal River, and Cluster Balm, returns to Different Skies in 2007. Darrell is very active in the space music community, being the person behind ambient net radio station StillStream, as well as behind the boutique music labels Blue Water Records and Earth Mantra Net label. In addition to all that, he also is the brains behind Spirit Canyon Audio , creators of the world's most sick and bent impulse responses for convolution reverbs. He also manages to somehow spend time with his wife and four children. Darrell promises not to get too excited on stage, so as to avoid embarrassing the other musicians.

DAVE BREWER , from Phoenix, Arizona, is the youngest of the Different Skies participants, but has already garnered a considerable reputation in the space music community. As a participant in the Ricochet Gatherings, an annual series of get-togethers for electronic music enthusiasts, he has recorded improvisational space music with artists from the British space music trio AirSculpture and the Dutch group Free System Projekt. Dave's music is a lyrical and beautiful fusion of electronic timbres with the traditional sound of the grand piano. His second CD, Harmonic Resonance, has just been released. In 2004, Dave played digital piano/workstation and analog synthesizer keyboards, and electronic percussion on a unique electronic drum called the Roland HandSonic.

JIM COMBS is a solo ambient musician who works with audio and MIDI looping devices under the name of Sensitive Chaos. The first Sensitive Chaos CD entitled Leak was deemed one of the twelve best CDs of 2006 by Bill Binkelman of the New Age Reporter and is receiving airplay in 2007 from industry heavyweights including Public Radio International's Echoes (145 stations across the U.S.), Soma FM's Space Station Soma and Cliqhop idm, WWSP, WXDU, WUSM, WTUL, KRFC, WETX, WVKR WDIY, and KTUH. Sensitive Chaos performs regularly in the Southeast US. Jim was also one half of the Atlanta-based electronic duo TouchXtone. TouchXtone's last two album releases, entitled Astroboy and headmiX, are a fascinating mixture of traditional space music and soundscapes with modern rhythmic and dance styles. 2007 is Jim's fourth Different Skies, and he continues to bring a powerful drive to carry the event forward in growth and success. Jim will be playing a portable keyboard rig based on a custom made Sequentix P3 analog sequencer and various hardware synthesizer and processing modules. He believes history tends to repeat itself with variation, and attempts to make music that follows the same footsteps.

JOHN DUVAL is returning to Different Skies in 2007, having been at the 2003, 2005, and 2006 events, but missing 2004. John has contributed modular synthesis textures to albums by Dweller At The Threshold and to his solo CD Hell's Canyon; in recent years he has returned to his first love, the electric guitar, and has played space guitar at live concerts by mindSpiral. John lives in Portland, Oregon, and will be playing guitar at this year's show, combined with just enough rack gear to give him something to hide behind.

DUANE FORD is a Phoenix-based video artist who has assisted David Tristram at both Different Skies 2003 and 2004.

RUSSELL FOSTER is a Phoenix native, a solo electronic artist who creates ambient music with a tribal edge under the name Una Voce. His album Provenance will be among several of his creations available for sale at the show. Rus has over twenty years' experience as a guitarist, drummer, and keyboardist, and brings an exceptional artistic sensibility to this, his fourth Different Skies. Rus will be performing primarily on guitar and stringed instrument this time, with requisite signal processing all around. No digital pads or other devices that one would otherwise strike with a stick. The only rhythmic content hell be producing will be coming from hardware...such as an Electribe, or rackmount MIDI percussion module, etc. He'll have a secondary and lesser focus on softsynths and assorted audio plugins via computer and MIDI keyboard. And he'll still have his trusty didjeridoo...again, with requisite processing.

BILL FOX is one of the most influential people in the world electronic community. A tireless promoter of the genre in the Northeastern United States, he runs three radio broadcasts of electronic and modern progressive music on two radio stations, which can be heard on streaming Internet radio at WMUH and WDIY. His home page is A multi-instrumentalist who's equally at home on guitar, bass, saxophone, and keyboards, he has lent his talents to the Ricochet Dreams albums as well as to a collaboration with world-famous space musician VidnaObmana, and he plays in a number of musical groups in eastern Pennsylvania, including Xeroid Entity, who performed at the electro-music 2005 festival. Bill is concentrating on guitars this year, with electric guitar and Hawaiian lap steel being treated by electronic processing to create otherworldly tones. Bill makes use of looping echo devices to accompany himself and build up thick textures of guitar music. As a result of this technique, any mistakes Bill makes will be repeated for quite a while, so he'd best be careful, hadn't he?

DAVE FULTON is returning to Different Skies in 2005, having also been at the 2003 event, but missing 2004. Dave is is best known as part of the group Dweller at the Threshold, which has released two albums: No Boundary Condition (1996) and Generation/Transmission/Illumination(1998) and their third album Ouroborus was released on Hypnos/Binary in 2001. Recently, Fulton collaborated with Hypnos founder & Viridian Sun member, Mike Griffin. Their first CD titled The Most Distant Point Known was released on Hypnos in 2000, and its follow-up Imprint came out in 2002.

TONY GERBER is returns to Different Skies this year after his wonderful contributions in Different Skies 2005 and 2006. He was mesmerized by electronic music in 1971, after playing with an SWTP theremin and hearing the classic "Switched on Bach". Like many young synthesizer explorers during the 70s he built his own PAIA synth when he was 14 years old. However, guitar is his main instrument, but he became a multi-instrumentalist over the years with an emphasis on synth sound creation. In 1986, he founded the performance collective Space for Music which spawned multimedia performances combining film, video, dance, and electronic music. SFM was turned into a website in 1996 and then into a record label in 2000 ( In 1997, he founded the well-known space music group, Spacecraft, with fellow synth lover and musician, John Rose, after solo releases on the Lektronic Soundscapes label. Combining his solo releases and SPACECRAFT recordings there are over 20 CDs available. Some of these recordings are with fellow Different Skies performer and friend, Giles Reaves. He first experienced Arcosanti in the early 1990s while recording an album in Phoenix. Gerber has been a driving force in the art and space music arena during his 25 year stay in Nashville, TN. Tony is quite active in Second Life ( His own web site is

JOHN GOFF was also new to Different Skies in 2005. John was a member of the dark-rock outfit Crash Worship early on in their gestation, and also worked with Neurosis.  These days he's living in the San Diego area and doing electronica under a variety of project names, including SSI, whose recently released CD _Pax Romana_ which quietly burrows into your brain and builds a cozy little nest for itself.

BRIAN GOOD hails from northern Ohio and has been a quiet but pervasive force in the Internet electronic music community for over twenty years. An award-winning jazz woodwind player, he has performed at clubs and festivals across the US and Europe, notably the Montreux Jazz Festival. While his interest in electronic music dates back to his school days, he avoided active involvement until he discovered wind synthesizers. These days he alternates traditional jazz dates with experiments in electronic noise, processing acoustic saxophone as well as electronic instruments. His current projects include ambient collaborations Sundagger and Aether Drift, and an irregular but ongoing avant-klang effort, Broken Symmetry, recently performing with Tim Walters. Brian was also a featured soloist on Jim Combs' Sensitive Chaos CD. This year, Brian will play a variety of acoustic woodwinds, as well as the Akai Electronic Wind Instrument, an extraordinary machine that translates the nuances of saxophone playing, including the breathing of the artist, into electronic signals that can control synthesizers directly. The results range from exquisite to merely sick; value judgments as to which is which are being left to the audience.

ALLEN GOODMAN is a Phoenix native, an ambient artist with varied influences and styles; he currently hosts Ambitar Radio, a weekly live net radio show on Allen is relatively new to the ambient scene however we are looking forward to his upcoming release “Angels & Demons.” This will be Allen’s first year at Different Skies.

KEVIN HALLER is a long-time Atlanta resident and first time attendee at Different Skies. Burning Artist(s) Sale is the moniker for the variety of artistic and musical endeavors by Kevin. Alter egos include Killer Haven, a grizzled rocker that prefers to stay in his bunker making music videos. KVpop writes catchy hooks, but is too afraid to let friends or colleagues help him put finishing touches on his compositions. K love writes music intended for dance clubs old and new. Still in development is eleK troniK, an ambient & experimental sound sculptor. Burning Artist occasionally performs as a solo artist, as he recently did at Atlanta's City Skies Electronic Music Festival, but prefers the dynamic of group interaction. Recent musical involvment has been with GFE and a re-united Amalgamated Cliff Divers. Burning Artist is proud to have played at Atlanta's EYEDRUM First Thursday Open Improv for the last seven years. Past bands have included 21st Century DISK, Random Violets, Bonobo, DISK, 64k, Harper Fragment, Empty V, MASTERCOW, and TOAST. His MySpace page can be found here.

DAVID HERPICH returns to Different Skies this year, after a fruitful first attendance last year. Dave is a composer and electronic musician balancing dual interests in classical and new age music genres. He holds degrees in music theory and composition from the University of Kansas, and is currently pursuing his master's degree as a recipient of the University Graduate Fellowship Award at the University of South Florida. Since the early 1990s he has been making electronic music of all sorts, most recently under the name Emerald Adrift. Different Skies alumnus Tim Walters has made some of Emerald Adrift’s tracks available to the hordes of imaginary fans via the Doubtful Palace, a tasty little sonic café you can visit anytime here.

GREG HURLEY is an ambient guitarist and music producer in San Diego; he recently began working for Recording Magazine as a writer, with Magix Samplitude as his 'beat'. Originally hailing from the Cleveland progressive rock scene, Greg eventually embarked on other ventures ranging from ambient to fusion and sound design. His 1990 release 'Welcome!' reached the New Age/AC top 40. His nearly 30 years of electronic engineering design experience combined with music technology development has led to his participation in the development of new types of interactive musical interfaces. Greg will be performing this year after his successful filming of the event last year.

KLIMCHAK Between stints with RuPaul, Col. Bruce Hampton, and his two bass-vocal-percussion band, Fab Area, he began working on solo works for modern dance and theater. He uses his knowledge of exotic instruments and the sounds they make to provide a live underscore theater productions. Many of his recent works have been at the Georgia Shakespeare Festival. He has written and performed scores for the plays: Othello, Henry IV, Hamlet, Tartuffe, A Midsummer Night's Dream and Cymbeline. In addition, he's done scores for Shakespeare's Coriolanus at Shakespeare Santa Cruz, a live score for No Exit at Le Neon Theater in Washington, DC (nominated for a Helen Hayes Award for best sound design), and a live score for Malinche performed at the Bovenzaal Stadsschouwburg in Amsterdam. Klimchak's dance work is equally important to his style. His recent work includes scores for Jane Comfort ("Three Bagatelles for the Righteous, excerpt (Election Update 2004)", performed in NYC at the Joyce Theater by Jane Comfort and Co in September) and Jawole Willa Jo Zollar of Urban Bush Women ("Are We Democracy?", performed in November at Emory University's Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts). He regularly composes for faculty and guest choreographers at Emory University. Please visit Klimchak's webpage at Klimchak Music.

JOHN KRIKAWA is a relative newcomer to the world of electronic ambient music and holds a special interest in the cinematic ambient and modern ambient subgenres. He also has strong leanings toward a progressive eclectic blend of new age, classical, jazz and rock instrumentation.  Krikawa's ear toward electronic music was developed in the late 70's with his introduction to the music of Wendy Carlos, Kraftwerk and Jarre and later Vangelis and Kitaro.  At that time he was also an accomplished senior chorister in the Royal School of Church Music and would sometimes hide homemade oscillators in his choir robe for mischievous relief.  The musical verve followed him into the 90's when he was an active awarding-winning music composer for Video Art projects and medical documentaries.  After surviving the early years of child-rearing, he is back from sabbatical and steeped in the ambient muse under his project name Parity Flux.  2009 will mark his first year at Different Skies.

JEFF KUNZELMAN Growing up in rural Wisconsin Jeff's first exposure to space music was through reruns of BBC's Doctor Who on PBS and NPR's Music From the Hearts of Space. After delving into using computers to produce music for a number of years, Jeff has switched to using analog instruments for more a more tactile experience. He often perfoms using electronic music and digital video under the name Alpha60. Jeff was discovered by Different Skies while he was living at Arcosanti and provided the poster artwork for the first 3 years.

JAMES LACEY is one half of the electronic music duo Mutation Vector and a member of experimental music quartet Fringe Element. He hails from the Philadelphia area, and his driving sequences and melodic lines scatter fascination across the tracks of Mutation Vector's debut record Placebo Merchant. James opened the 2003 Different Skies concert with a performance that had the audience up on its feet within the first few minutes, captivating his fellow artists with a little-heard and unique electronic voice. In 2004, James performed on the Alesis airSynth, an electronic musical instrument controlled entirely by gestures in mid-air over its antenna.

BILL MARX wants to be a drummer really badly.  Some would say he has accomplished exactly that.  Through an impressive combination of fast talking and dumb luck, he manages to situate himself around a cadre of musicians much better than himself.  Apparently this technique has also secured a him spot on the DS09 go list.  Bill regularly performs in the northeast Ohio area with groups ranging from a pops orchestra, big band jazz, and a Brazilian bateria.  He went to engineering school with DS verteran Bill Fox, and regularly hangs out with Brian Good, who introduced him to electronic and ambient music.  Bill wants to remind everyone to blame Brian if anything goes wrong.

JOE MCMAHON is a first-timer at this year's Different Skies, but has been a musician for a long time. His first exposure to electronic music was the soundtrack from "A Clockwork Orange", after which it was only a matter of time before he started doing synthesis himself. He has recorded with Team Metlay, has released a solo CD ranging from e-jazz to new age to pure electronic noise. His musical influences are all over the map, from Stockhausen to Synergy, and Don Ellis to Brian Eno, with a side order of gamelan; his newest CD, "Ocean Music", combines all of these influences into his own brand of ambient. He'll be playing his trusty Ensoniq SD-1, his favored instrument since 1990, plus assorted sonic strangeness from his laptop. He currently lives in Silicon Valley.

MIKE METLAY Founder and Coordinator of Different Skies, returns for the fifth year of the event he birthed (after incredible labor pains) in 2003. Mike's first experiments in collaborative space music resulted the trilogy of CDs by Team Metlay; his efforts now are concentrated both at Different Skies and in his small-group collaborations under the mindSpiral banner. At this year's show, Mike may be playing a keyboard or two, but plans a heavy emphasis on the aebea, a baritone electric string instrument witha deliberately obscure tuning

JONATHAN MILLS is a newcomer to Different Skies whose idea of music changed when he heard Terry Riley's "A Rainbow in Curved Air." It was 20 years before he began to compose and perform minimalist music as a shamanic practitioner using Tibetan singing bowls, logs, rocks and Native American flute. In 2005 he bought a Roland Fantom-Xa and began a string of CDs that include ambient pieces in the Pompeii Trilogy, "21st Century Shaman," "Trainspotting," and "¿a la Frontera Sur?" among others. His most recent work, the four-disc Oncology Cycle, documents his encounter with cancer. He has played at Bloomington's Lotus Fest, the 2007 Lilly ArtsWeek Festival, and collaborates with Janiece Jaffe to create healing music. When not composing, Jonathan is a professor of computer science whose work with Rubel's extended analog computer is internationally recognized. He and his students are designing "Synthesizers in Speakers," woven analog supercomputer fabrics that reproduce music holographically.

HOWARD MOSCOVITZ joined us first in 2005 and is best known as the fellow behind and the organizer of this past June's very successful electro-music 2005 gathering in Philadelphia. He is also one-third, with Bill Fox and Greg Waltzer, of Xeroid Entity.

DENNIS MOSER is a librarian and archivist whose research specialty is in the recording and preservation of modern performance art, the process of its creation as well as the end results, for future study. Dennis is also an electronic guitarist who records music under the name "/usr/sbin", and has been chatting with me about how he runs his guitar synthesizer through four Lexicon Vortex effects processors to achieve unique sounds.

PAUL NAGLE comes from England and has a career spanning well over twenty years in the electronic music world, including some two dozen successful albums as solo artist and with other musicians (see His career spans electronic styles from the traditions of the 1970s "Berlin School" to the more melodic offerings of his duo Binar with electronic music luminary Andy Pickford, to the harsher dance-oriented soundscapes of Headshock and the trance music of the light-hearted CD Grow by the Joint Intelligence Committee. He runs his own music label, Bogus Focus Records, and continues to release albums on many different independent space music labels. This is Paul's second appearance at Different Skies, and he plans to center his performance around the Roland V-Synth and the Korg ESX-1 and, if ready, his new battery powered suitcase synth.

OTSO PAKARINEN is the owner of Visual Power, a music label in Helsinki, Finland. Otso has been releasing music of one form or another since the 1980s, as a soloist and with the Finnish electropop group Tapa Paha Tapa. His latest project is a trio of albums by Ozone Player, which combine intricate electronic structure with dramatic excitement and a rare streak of broad humor. Ozone Player's fourth album is Frozen Paint On Boiling Canvas. Otso will be creating electronic sounds entirely from software running on a laptop computer. This system allows an entire music studio to be compacted to the size of one small box, requiring only a keyboard to play the virtual instruments. Otso will also, despite dire threats from the other performers, do the Happy Finn Dance at random points in the performance.

GILES REAVES has been producing solo albums for almost two decades, starting with Wunjo in 1986. His album Sea Of Glass reached #11 on the Billboard Magazine New Age Charts when it was released in 1992. Giles lives and works between Nashville, TN, and Salt Lake City, UT, where he is a well-respected audio engineer as well as a first-call keyboardist and percussionist; he has appeared on several albums by the Nashville-based electronic music collective SPACECRAFT (as well as countless others), and most recently he played the Alfa Centauri festival in the Netherlands with Dave Fulton and Paul Vnuk Jr. His website is at and also at Giles will be quietly sitting at his keyboard, which will erupt with everything from traditional instruments to a full brass section to a rock'n'roll drum kit, changing abruptly from sound to sound throughout the evening. Sometimes the sounds he chooses will even go with what everyone else is playing!

JOHN ROSSI III will be making his second appearance at Different Skies. John first became involved in electronic music in 1972, and in 1973 acquired Synthi-AKS and EML-101 synthesizers and learned subtractive synthesis and sequencing. In 1975, John teamed up with Pascal Languirand (a.k.a. TransX) and Pierre Benard to form a trio that played and recorded electronic/space music in Pascal’s studio. Session players would frequently enter the mix and by late 1975 the Zap Jam idiom was born. In 1985, he became a member of pre-internet newsgroups and email lists that were also frequented by Mike Metlay. The two met in 1989, and soon thereafter John became a regular in Mike’s band Team Metlay, and appears on each of their 3 CD releases. Most recently, he appeared in concert last spring with Mike and fellow Different Skies alumnus Bill Fox at Mind3Spiral. He spends his creative time developing electronic music for the DTS 5.1 format in his CrystaLogic Productions studio in Florida.

NICK ROTHWELL is currently based in London, England. His professional recording and performance project, known as CASSIEL, has been creating live electronic music for modern dance for over fifteen years, first as a duet with space musician Glyn Lloyd-Jones and then as a solo act. Nick has also co-produced and performed on all three Team Metlay albums. Nick has worked with dance companies all over England and Scotland as well as with the Frankfurt Ballett, in Vienna, and in Istanbul, Paris, Zurich, and Tokyo. His debut solo album Listen/Move was released on Atomic City in 1998. Nick is returning for his 3rd Different Skies, having attended in 2004 and 2006. His music rig is based around custom computer software that translates simple control movements into complex and beautiful musical gestures, completely controlled by the artist but extrapolating his movements into ideas not playable by human hands. So it only looks like he's not actually doing anything. Really.

CLARK SALISBURY is a session guitarist from Portland, Oregon, who works in a wide range of genres beyond space music and whose specialties include electronic guitar processing and the triggering of synthesizers with special pickups. He performed at the 2003 Different Skies show in support of Dweller At The Threshold, and returned in 2004 as a solo artist. Clark performed on electric guitar, heavily processed through a variety of sound manipulation devices as well as controlling traditional synthesizers and sound modules. His rig made every kind of noise anyone else on stage did, and he spent the evening gleefully demonstrating this, over and over again.

IVAN SCHWARTZ will attend Different Skies for his first time this year, providing sound reinforcement and mixing for the event. He has worked in the professional audio industry for the past twenty years, and has been mixing live sound since the late 1970's. A closet electronic musician, Ivan spent his adolescent years learning synthesis on an Arp 2500 and Emu modular at the local university. He also owns Rudy's Lair, a Seattle-area project studio for tracking, mixing, mastering, and electronic music composition. Rudy the RackCat, General Manager of Rudy's Lair, will be unable to attend Different Skies this year due to previous laptop performance and napping commitments.

CHRISTOPHER SHORT is the guitarist for the space music group Ma Ja Le. He is also a composer/sound designer/engineer working in the Milwaukee area. He returns to Different Skies after a two year hiatus while he figured out how to avoid carrying around the small refrigerator sized guitar rig he had last time he was at the festival. This year he will be carrying a significantly smaller rig! Check out his latest music projects at

TIM THOMPSON is a software engineer who enjoys the creative process of developing artistic software for both music and visuals, often involving the use of unusual controllers. Most widely known as the developer of the KeyKit programming environment for algorithmic and realtime MIDI experimentation, he has more recently been inspired by events such as Burning Man and Woodstockhausen, where his interactive creations include a 12-foot high lyre and an antique radio. He lives in Silicon Valley and collaborates with local ensembles dud and DOUBLE VISION. Tim's home page documents the variety of his activities and allows people to play with some web-based algorithmic music toys. In his first Different Skies participation, Tim will be focused on creating visuals in realtime with multitouch controllers.

DAVID TRISTRAM is the owner and creative director of Tristram Visual, a live video production company specializing in the creation of real-time visual synthesis. David's work centers around what he terms viviography, the ability to listen to and interact with music, creating visuals that meld with the music without having to pre-record either. He does this by combining premade looped video, computer-based graphics, and other effects in a live mixing environment to create a seamless visual experience well suited to the music of Different Skies. David has toured with the Grateful Dead, and performed with Herbie Hancock and Graham Nash and at the Woodstockhausen and Omnimedia festivals. David sat at the back of the amphitheatre mostly hidden by computer and video monitors for both 2003 and 2004 Different Skies events. Everyone agrees David's work adds enormously to the whole Different Skies vibe.

PAUL VNUK JR. is an audio engineer and the other half of the electronic space music duo Ma Ja Le. He has also worked with space music pioneers Vir Unis and James Johnson, and has released a beautiful ambient solo album entitled Silence Speaks In Shadow. He plays not only keyboards and traditional Third World instruments but also is an accomplished percussionist, working with Arabic, African, and Indian percussion, kit drums, and electronic percussion devices. Paul will be performing with compact digital modular synthesizers, and with sensitive electronic percussion devices that are designed to interact closely with drum technique. He will also do a lot of standing around trying to figure out when to jump in, which is fine - if he played all the time, no one else would get a note in edgewise.

TIM WALTERS is a San Francisco experimental musician whose many projects are brought together under the realm of the Doubtful Palace. He has created dense processed electronic soundscapes in his solo albums The Dry Well and Lost Continents, performed electroacoustic improvisation with Circular Firing Squad, recorded unusual children's music for adults in Slaw, and twiddled bits with Shalmaneser. Tim has based his entire music production system for Different Skies on an Apple laptop computer running the powerful SuperCollider music creation language. As a result, when he is not playing woodwinds, he will look like he's doing his taxes. He believes this is better than the Happy Finn Dance.

GREG WALTZER participates in a number of musical projects in and around Philadelphia and southern New Jersey: Mutation Vector, Xeroid Entity, Holosphere, and Fringe Element. These groups team Greg with area musicians James Lacey, Bill Fox, Howard Moscovitz, Jose (JEM) Murcia, and Michael Victor. He has most recently appeared on Xeroid Entity's CD "Live at the Deer Head Inn". Learn more at Greg plans to spend the entire program hunched carefully over his keyboards, turning knobs and making evil noises. He has a homemade device that looks like a steel shoebox with bad acne sitting atop his keyboard rig; if he reaches for it, the audience are advised to take a hint from the other players on stage and grab hold of anything that won't move when the blast wave hits.

HONG WALTZER Azimuth Visuals is the artistic partnership of Greg and Hong Waltzer. They create video performance art to accompany musical events. Using a combination of computer-generated abstract images, animations, Greg's artwork, Hong's nature photography and video clips, these images are processed and mixed in real time by various effects software and video hardware. The intent is to provide a colorful and dynamic visual experience that is inspired by and complements the music.

DOUG WELLINGTON is a bass player and electronic musician based in Tucson. He'll be providing the main mixer, the PA, some lights and various other items for the show. It looks like this year, he'll take the stage a bit too, playing his bass along with a couple synthesizers and maybe some percussion toys. In 2004 Doug returned at literally the last minute as a walk-on bass player for the final jams. More info on Doug at

STEVE WHITELEY drove all night from Los Angeles to Arcosanti to see the 2003 show. In 2004, Steve's loyalty was rewarded with an intern's position at Different Skies, allowing him to do a great deal of work for essentially no credit at all. The audience saw him working at the mixing console, at the video station, behind the counter selling CDs, and on stage making noise here and there.

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